TransparentWho is Lance P. Sijan?
Educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation
Advocate aerospace power and a strong national defense
Support the United States air Force, the Air Force family, and Aerospace Education

The AFA is an independent, nonprofit, civilian education organization promoting public understanding of aerospace power and the pivotal role it plays in the security of the nation. AFA publishes Air Force Magazine, conducts national symposia and disseminates information through outreach programs. It sponsors professional development seminars and recognizes excellence in the education and aerospace fields through national awards programs. AFA presents scholarships and grants to Air Force active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members and their dependents, and AFA awards educator grants to promote science and math education at the elementary, secondary, and high school level.  Nationally, AFA has more than 100,000 active members.  The AFA National Website is WWW.AFA.ORG

The Lance P. Sijan Chapter is one of the largest, most active chapters in AFA, with more than 2300 members.  The Sijan Chapter, one of four AFA Chapters in Colorado, primarily focuses on support to the Colorado Springs area, including Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, and the USAFA.

The AFA Sijan Chapter is proud of our rich heritage and strong support for the Colorado Springs Air Force community.  We pride ourselves on active support to the local Colorado Springs “Air Force Family,” providing approximately $50,000 and thousands of volunteer hours in support annually!  Representative 2013 activities:

  • Hosted the Annual Air Force Ball, with subsidized tickets to Airmen
  • Supported three Wing & two HQ level Quarterly and Annual Award programs with contributions & memberships to military and civilian winners
  • Awarded $13,000 in scholarships to local students and to CCAF Award winners
  • Hosted the Air Force Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Camp and created a partnership with the Air Force Wounded Airmen Program for annual support in multiple local activities
  • Sponsored the Air Force-wide Schriever Essay Contest promoting space thought leadership
  • Sponsored the General  O’Malley Award recognizing outstanding leadership in space ops
  • Donated 300 Sky Sox baseball tickets to deserving airmen from local Air Force bases
  • Partnered with the USO and AUSA to provided 200 tickets to local Airmen and Soldiers for the Air Force-Army football game, complete with tailgate and band
  • Supported five local High School Jr AFROTC Programs with financial assistance and awards, including the annual state-wide drill competition
  • Supported and contributed $2500 to the USAFA Wing Open Boxing events
  • Renovated the Air Force memorial in Memorial Park
  • Sponsored the USAFA Outstanding Squadron Reception
  • Contributed $1000 to the Peterson AFB Museum Fund
  • Supported the Armed Forces YMCA, serving local military families
  • Sponsored SNOFEST Winter Festival for military families
  • Supported multiple local Air Force base’s Deployed Spouse Programs
  • Supported Pikes Peak Veterans Council, representing local veterans
  • Supported Veteran’s Day Parade & Armed Forces Day luncheons
  • Represented at Veterans/Memorial Day wreath layings & Veteran’s events throughout town
  • Supported the Pearl Harbor Commemorative Ceremony
  • Contributed to the Challenger Learning Center
  • Sponsored “STEM Rocks” event for 2,000 participants at Peterson AFB
  • Selected and supported the Pike’s Peak Region’s STEM Teacher of the Year
  • Supported Cyber Patriot, AFA’s world-wide cyber competition, with 22 local teams
  • Provided $2000 in support of the Space Foundation’s Zimkas Library, promoting STEM

The Sijan Chapter thanks our corporate sponsors, community partners, and the local Air Force leadership for their tremendous support of the Air Force Association and the Lance P. Sijan Chapter.  Our ability to help is a direct reflection of their unending support!  Thank You!

 Join AFA and you’re in good company forever!!