Men’s Ministry


To be a man of God, we must walk the walk, and our actions must support our words. 1 John 3: 18, Paul said, “Let us not love in words of tongue, but in deeds and truth.” God doesn’t want us to just accept Jesus and say I am a Christian (although this is the action that secures our salvation), he wants us to be a man of valor and integrity and live the words we say. God wants us to have fruit from the spirit that others can see and recognize. It is by these actions that we can lead other men to be men of valor.

We need men of valor in our church. Men who will be servant leaders and Godly examples. Calvary Chapel East Side has outstanding men who are a mighty force for God. We need to encourage boldness and accountability, Friendships and fellowships by building bridges to relationships with one another through God. Community within a church begins with the “CO” (cooperation, community, communion, correction, and conscientiousness) the “CO”. Picture a bicycle wheel (see below) and Christ is the center (hub) of the wheel. The people are the spokes that holds up the church which is the rim. The acting together to help fellow members andWheel2 together move mountains through praying together, helping together, fasting, and feasting together, learning and praising together makes the wheel go around through the community God has placed us in charge to make a difference. We could be helping our body of believers by building or repairing together. We could be growing our relationships by camping, hunting, fishing or growing things together. We can learn to know each other well enough to feel comfortable enough to work through challenges and problems with each other. God asks for every aspect of our lives to be given to him and prayerfully lived out as he would have us live it. We were meant to support and up hold each other as Jesus upheld his disciples.