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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Lance P. Sijan Chapter of your Air Force Association!  The Chapter is fully registered with the Colorado Secretary of state, and we are a 501(c) charitable organization.  The Sijan Chapter is also registered with the Combined Federal Campaign for the Pikes Peak Region

The Lance P. Sijan Chapter of the Air Force Association is one of the largest and most active AFA chapters in the nation, with more than 2100 members.  We exclusively support the Colorado Springs area, including Air Force members and their families at Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, and the USAFA.  We traditionally raise and provide ~ $40-50K annually in support along with thousands of hours of volunteer support.  The chapter is comprised of 100% volunteers.  We call ourselves the “Force behind the Force” because we exist for one primary purpose: to support the Colorado Springs Air Force family.  Membership is a mix of active duty, veterans, and retirees, all with a common desire to support the Air Force and its members.  Likewise, our programs span 40,000 Active Duty Air Force members and their families, veterans, retirees, Jr AFROTC in five local high schools, local ROTC programs, USAFA cadets, Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Chapters.   Below is a brief list of 2014 activities:

  • Hosted the 2014 Air Force Ball, with subsidized tickets to Airmen for 935 Air Force guests, read more….
  • Supported 3 Wing & 2 Headquarters-level Quarterly/Annual Award programs – 200+ winners, read more….
  • Hosted the Air Force Wounded Warrior Sports Camp and Warrior Game athletes with meals, read more….
  • Purchased and donated 300 Sky Sox baseball tickets to Airmen from local Air Force bases
  • Sponsored multiple local Deployed Spouse Programs with dinners and a Family Zoo Day
  • Sponsored the SNOFEST Winter Festival, a military recreation weekend at Keystone, read more….
  • Awarded $9,000 in scholarships Air Force members and their families, read more….
  • Supported 5 local High School Jr ROTC Programs and sponsored state-wide drill competition, read more….
  • Sponsored the national-level essay promoting space thought leadership, read more….
  • Raised funds in conjunction with the USAFA Wing Open Boxing event, contributing $2100 to the Air Force Academy’s senior class charity of choice, read more….
  • Renovated the Air Force memorial in Memorial Park, originally built/donated by the chapter
  • Contributed $1000 to the Peterson AFB Museum Fund and provide volunteer support
  • Supported Vets Council, Vets Day Parade, Veterans/Memorial Days, & Pearl Harbor event
  • Contributed to the Challenger Learning Center, The American Rocketry Challenge, “STEM Rocks,” and a Teacher of the Year STEM program, read more….



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