2016 AFA Cyber Camps

Following a successful inaugural program last year, this summer marks the exciting second season of the AFA CyberCamp Program. Designed to help educators engage middle and high school students in cybersecurity year round, the program consists of a curriculum and software kit that local volunteer instructors use to teach fundamental online safety and cyber defense skills. More information on the program is available here.

AFA’s CyberPatriot Program Office is pleased to announce it will support AFA CyberCamps at 85 locations across the United States this summer – far more than the twenty six camps we had for summer 2015, and an increase of 227%!

The full list of 2016 AFA CyberCamps is available here.

We encourage you to consider supporting or attending the following camp scheduled in your area. These camps are an excellent opportunity to “fly the AFA flag,” and to attract an entirely new population to AFA in your area.

You may to reach out to the camp’s organizer directly:

Organization: Rangeview High School
Camp Dates: July 18-22
Camp Organizer: Randy Mills rdmills@aps.k12.co.us

Organization: University of Colorado
Camp Dates: July 25-29
Camp Organizer: Justin Anderson justin.anderson@ngc.com

Organization: Fountain Ft Carson High School
Camp Dates: June 27 – July 1
Camp Organizer: Herbert Maison hmaison@ffc8.org

Organization: Lotus School for Excellence
Camp Dates: June 13-17
Camp Organizer: Serkan Danisman sdanisman@lotusschool.org

If you have any questions
The CyberPatriot Program Office


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