2nd Quarter 2015 Newsletter

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It’s been a busy year…so far.

On one hand, it’s hard to believe June is already here.  On the other hand, it’s hard to believe the year isn’t over yet given the level of activity we’ve been party to.  Already this year, your Lance P. Sijan Chapter of the Air Force Association has participated and contributed to about a dozen Quarterly Awards events, as well as a number of Annual Awards events for local Air Force organizations; helped found and participate in the newly established Pikes Peak Defense Consortium; hosted the Air Force Ball and awarded the Jerome F. O’Malley Distinguished Space Leadership Award to Major General (select) Nina Armagno; helped establish and test run a new AFA cyber competition for high schoolers called Stellar Xplorers; kicked off the second annual General Bernard Schriever Memorial Essay Contest; and handed out scholarships to twelve very deserving young men and women.  And I’m sure there are several events I’ve left out.

The point is: you are being represented in more ways and at more venues than you can possibly imagine.  Your AFA Chapter is becoming more and better integrated with the rest of the community when it comes to making sure your/our voice is heard.  And it’s more than our voice.  As a wise man once said, “Virtual presence is actual absence.” And we are taking that to heart, playing a more active role in protecting our Air Force missions here in Colorado Springs and our Nation; in fact, we’re helping protect all Armed Forces missions here in Colorado Springs, and doing what we can to develop more.

We Need Your Help

But we need your help.  Your Lance P. Sijan Chapter relies on dedicated volunteers, but those numbers have dwindled over the years.  For the past several years and still today, the Chapter places the burden of its mission on the backs of about a dozen folks.  That is unsustainable.

I urge you all to consider volunteering with your Air Force Association.  Your Air Force Association, like every other like-minded organization here in town, needs help.  We need people dedicated to our mission, anxious to ensure we are visible and committed to our community and our Air Force family.  Don’t worry about whether or not there will be anything for you to do…there’s plenty to go around.  So please join us.  Come to our monthly Board meetings, or just call one of us to let us know you’re available.  We’d love to see you!

And if your interests lie elsewhere, that’s okay too.  Whether it’s the AFA, the MAC, NDIA, AFCEA, MOAA, the Space Foundation or the Peterson Air and Space Museum Foundation – just to name a few – your help and commitment would be greatly appreciated!  Volunteering to make your Air Force and your community better is a great cause, no matter what organization you serve; more…..


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