A Call for Action (Aerospace Education)

Sent on Behalf of Dick Bundy, Vice Chairman of the Board for Aerospace Education

Region, State and Chapter Presidents:

This is a final “Call for Action” for field participation this school year in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) STEM program adopted by AFA as the VISIONS program replacement providing educational outreach for AFA units.  It is easy to implement and very cost effective.  The AEC needs assistance in ensuring that each state and chapter considers supporting the time sensitive K-6 CAP Aerospace/STEM program in classrooms across the nation-the Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program.  CAP has ACE classrooms and entire schools that need sponsors and will assign those classrooms to each chapter, or, the chapter can locate and provide sponsorship to educators of their choice.  This is the only “for cost program that CAP is offering for AFA chapter involvement at $75.00 per classroom.

The ACE registration deadline has been extended to December 18 for chapter involvement.  Please respond if you have not already done so to Susan Mallett at afa@capnhq.gov.

The ACE registration form can be found at: http://ae.capmembers.com/media/cms/ACE_Shirt_Registration_Form_for_AFA_ACAA19ED08D01.pdf.

The CAP Aerospace/STEM Education programs provided to the AFA give multiple free opportunities for outreach to educators near each chapter, as found at: http://ae.capmembers.com/about_us/cap_ae_allainces/afa/what_does_cap_do_for_afa/.

If any chapter needs further information about this December 18 ACE registration program, or any other CAP program, contact Susan.

Please support this valuable educational outreach program in your communities.  There are classrooms, even entire schools, awaiting sponsorship.  National AFA is a national sponsoring partner so your field participation measurably reinforces this partnership and the AFA education mission.

Dick Bundy
Vice Chairman for Aerospace Education
Air Force Association


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