Annual Air Force Space & Missile Pioneer Hall of Fame Ceremony

By Philip Carter, 21st Space Wing Public Affairs / Published September 13, 2016

Tim Tichawa, Chapter Vice President; John Moorman (for his father, Gen. Thomas Moorman, Jr.); Maj. Gen. Robert (Rosie) Rosenberg; Maj. Gen. Thomas (Tav) Taverney; Kristen Christy, Chapter President (Photo by Philip Carter)

For the last 19 years, Air Force Space Command has honored a select group of individuals who had significant and lasting contributions to the development of space, missile programs and AFSPC.

The annual Air Force Space & Missile Pioneer, Hall of Fame ceremony took place Sept. 8, 2016, at the Peterson Air Force Base Club, and was hosted by Gen. John E. Hyten, AFSPC commander.

Three outstanding individuals were inducted into the Hall of Fame, including Gen. Thomas S. Moorman Jr., retired Maj. Gen. Robert A. Rosenberg, and retired Maj. Gen. Thomas D. Taverney.  Moorman played a key role in various studies and programming efforts which resulted in the establishment of an Air Force major command for space operations. As commander and vice commander of AFSPC, he was responsible for a variety of military space systems. Moorman was represented by his son, Mr. John R. Moorman.  As a member of the President’s National Security Council, Rosenberg assisted in the establishment of the Space Shuttle program and formulation of President Carter’s National Space Policy. Rosenberg also served as a mission controller and targeteer for the CORONA, GAMBIT and SIGINT satellites and was directly responsible for many aspects of the HEXAGON program.  Taverney is a former recipient of the Air Force Scientific Achievement Award for developing and demonstrating a new guidance approach, which subsequently allowed proof of concept for an air-launched antisatellite weapon system. He also led development of the extremely successful Commercially Hosted Infrared Program payload.

Nearly 100 people attended the luncheon.  This annual award was first given under the sponsorship of the National Space Club in Washington D.C., which honored 10 key military and civilian leaders in the Air Force space program in 1989. In 1997, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Air Force and the 15th anniversary of the Air Force Space Command, the award was formalized into an official Air Force award. Since then a select few have been honored with the award each year.

Kristen Christy, Chapter President, add this information:  The members of the Lance P. Sijan Chapter have funded the paintings of every pioneer since the inception of this award in 1997 and are honored to have done so again for the 2016 inductees.  For 19 years, the Chapter has presented the painting by renown airpower artist, Mr. Jay Ashurst, as a gift to Air Force Space Command.  In her presentation, Kristen stated, “The AFA is dedicated to promoting our Air Force and recognizing the great works your service provides for the Department of Defense and the United States as a whole.

Honoring the men and women whose work led the way in Air Force space and missile programs celebrates the innovation and excellence that drives the United States Air Force to this day.”  General Hyten joined Kristen in unveiling the portraits of the newest AF Space and Missile Pioneers, which was the first time the recipients had seen the portraits.


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