January 2017 Meeting Minutes

AFA Lance P. Sijan Chapter Meeting Agenda
10 January 2017

President’s Comments/Update (Kristen Christy)

– Henry B went first with AF Ball update:
     — Sponsorship is 120% more than last year; doing well; Board needs to start registering; Martini Shot is entertainment; official photos are lined up; rehearsal on 22 Feb;
     — Gen Lori Robinson will be senior; expect Gen Raymond; coordinating on remarks with Gen Robinson;
          — Looking into Outstanding Airman selection—nominations coming in
– Board Binders—Kristen handed out binders; encouraged members to look at the National website to see all the things it has to offer; feel free to add to your binder;
Wounded Airman Benefit—Feb 6th Monday of cyber space symposium; event; 300+ people RSVP’d, some through AFCEA; free event;
     — We have lots of expenses; approx. $32,000; need funding; son is sponsoring poker table–$300; we need sponsors (get name on cyber website); Kristen will send sponsorship packages electronically.
     — Our chapter will bear costs if we don’t come up with $$$; state is giving us $200. Get to advertise on cyber website; looking for volunteers; donations are going to the total cost of the program. Want donation receipts even for $20 donations
            — Gayle D. working on baskets; figure out what COSTCO has and give a gift card; put gift cards in basket; Kristen will purchase gift cards;
– Space Warfare Symposium—looking at doing this if we get Gen Raymond’s blessing in August before golf tournament; could be one or two days;


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