July 2017 Meeting Minutes

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President’s Comments/Update (Kristen Christy)

Multi-domain Warfare Symposium: 22-25 August lots of buzz going on; A5 BG John Shaw is interested, but heard about it second hand. Command Chiefs are interested including 14 AF, AFSPC, etc,

Registration 1030-1130 then lunch until 1300 on Wed; no dinner; will charge for lunch; want membership to sign up; looking at speaker (Simon Sinek “Start with Why”); Thursday—trying to get Gen Raymond; have sponsors for some of it. Looking for Wed lunch sponsor ($8K); Antlers is giving per diem rate for hotel. Friday: IMAGE Golf

– 100-150 for Wed; about 400 for Thursday…military are free except for lunch;

– Switchbacks Game Report:  36 people; well received

– New VP for membership is Dannette Houde

– Discussed events at the state convention

State President’s Comments (Linda Aldrich)

National DOES read our newsletters; received a nice response from national president, General (ret) Larry Spencer. Congrats to Bill on this.

– State Convention (5-6 August 2017)–we need maximum attendance

— National Delegates:  Kristen Christy; Steve Gourley others?

Want more people to attend; mostly military at this point; the awards Banquet is on Saturday night. Try to attend Business meeting on Sunday morning too.

— Respond through the link at: 


State Officer Elections—these will be done at business meeting too

– Reports get your inputs in to meet deadline; due before symposium; important for payments from national

– Discussion on giving $1000 check to state for banquet; board approved

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