2018 Scholarship Application


Air Force Association – Sijan Chapter

2018 Scholarship Application

The Lance P. Sijan Chapter annually sponsors scholarships awarded to outstanding high school seniors who have been accepted for enrollment at a college or university and to current outstanding college freshman, sophomore and junior students.  High School applicants must be high school seniors/graduates who plan to attend college during the 2018-19 academic year.  High School students selected for full scholarships that will be awarded in 2018, or have been selected to attend a Military Service Academy, are not eligible.  All scholarships are open to family members, to include spouses, of active duty and retired Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard members.

The Lance P. Sijan Chapter Scholarships are awarded based on the overall character and leadership potential of the student, which includes academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, community service, and writing composition.  A Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of military and aerospace industry leaders, will score all applications and select the scholarship recipients.  The scholarship selection process is nondiscriminatory and Scholarship Committee members’ immediate family members are not eligible for a scholarship award nor can they benefit financially in any way from this program.  There is no specified restriction on the use of scholarship award moneys; however, it is the intent of the Sijan Chapter that they be utilized in the direct support of academic pursuits.

Due to the generosity of Jim and Karen Wright, the Sijan Chapter has also established two scholarships in their daughter Kim’s name.  The first of these scholarships is a $3,000 annual scholarship which will go to a deserving high school student meeting the criteria above, who has at least a “B” average, who plans to attend a 4-year college or university, and who plans to pursue an education degree.  As long as the recipient maintains a “B” average in college, the scholarship will be renewed each year for four years.  The second scholarship will be a $1,000 annual scholarship to a deserving high school student meeting the criteria above, who has at least a “B” average, and who plans to attend a community college or vocational school.  Again, as long as the recipient maintains a “B” average in community college or vocational school, the scholarship will be renewed each year for two years.

Complete application packages must include the following (only complete packages will be considered):

Application form (completely filled out). Applicants must use the application form below, or from the Lance P. Sijan Chapter website at https://www.lancepsijanafa.org/#, to apply for a 2018 scholarship. This one form will be used for all scholarships.

A transcript of your high school or college grades.

A copy of your SAT and/or ACT scores (high school seniors only).

At least one letter of recommendation from a current or past teacher of the applicant. (Up to three letters of recommendation may be included with the application. This is optional for spouses.)

An essay of no less than 500 words and no more than 1000 words that answers the following question:

Based on past and current events, do you think the United States should continue to invest in maintaining and modernizing its nuclear triad (air, ground, and sea) arsenal?

All applications must be postmarked no later than 6 April 2018 to be considered for the 2018-2019 academic year. Send all applications to the following address:


AFA Scholarship Selection Committee
C/O David Geuting
8210 Broughton Court
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Each scholarship recipient will be notified of his/her selection no later than 4 May 2018.  Recipients will receive their scholarship checks via mail no later than 11 May 2018.

For additional information, please contact the Sijan Chapter Scholarship Chairman:

Lance P. Sijan Chapter Scholarship Chairman
719-445-0670 or Cell 719-219-7471
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