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Team AFA,

Spring is a time of new beginnings and a time to celebrate the mothers that make our families strong. With this in mind, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the caregivers behind our Air Force Wounded Warriors (AFW2) that are a true testament to the strength, resiliency, and love that makes our Air Force great.

Last month, AFA was proud to support adaptive sports camps at Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field. Our local chapters rallied together to provide incredible support through lunches, snacks, and pallets of water for the nearly 200 participants. These amazing volunteers were on-site at events caring for our Airmen each day and showing how our grassroots networks make programs like the Wounded Airman Program successful.

An incredibly important part of these camps, that often goes unnoticed, is the Caregiver Program for the moms, dads, husbands, and wives that support their warriors every day. AFA was thrilled to be a part of this program and to meet the amazing men and women who have served, suffered, and persevered right alongside their warriors. I am honored to share the importance of this program through their own words.

“My son and I attended our first AFW2 care event in April and we both returned home with a sense of empowerment and strength. Neither one of us knew how much we needed support until it was given so freely without any judgment.”

“During the Peer Forum I came to understand that I am not alone in my feelings and experiences.  I’m not the only one who is afraid, who sometimes doesn’t understand how we got to this place and who doesn’t know how to help my warrior when he is withdrawn or hurting.  Most importantly, I came to realize that it’s okay to feel the way I feel.”

“The caregiver program opened my eyes and made me aware that I am not alone in this process.  It made me understand what my warrior is going through and made me love him more.”

“My warrior discovered that his brokenness didn’t leave him helpless – it really just cracked open a shell to opportunities.  I truly mean it when I say this program saves lives – not only of our warriors, but of their caregivers, too.”

Folks, this is what AFA is all about!  This is what our great AFA volunteers do to take care of Air Force members and their families.  Those are just a few of the amazing men and women who support our wounded Airmen. Your support of AFA and our Wounded Airman Program allows this program to continue to grow. Be on the lookout for more caregiver stories on social media this month as we celebrate mothers and all the family members that make our Air Force strong.

Larry O. Spencer


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