State JROTC Drill Competition

Air Force JROTC Colorado Drill Meet

A highlight event of the year for JROTC students is the annual drill meet sponsored by the Lance P. Sijan Chapter of the Air Force Association.  January 30th was the sixth annual competition held at General William Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs and led by the JROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, Lt Col Isaac (Keith) K. Woodfork, and the  Aerospace Science Instructor, Chief Master Sergeant David Figueroa.  JROTC teams represented the Air Force, Army and Navy from nine schools to include Falcon High School, Fountain Fort Carson High School, Harrison High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Mitchell High School, Sand Creek High School, Skyview Academy, Westminster High School, and Widefield High School.  The Opening Ceremony kicked off the event at 0800 in the Main Gym and the meet included judged events in Color Guard, Unarmed Regulation, Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, and Inspection.  The final event of the Drill Meet was a Drill Down in the Main Gym, followed by the Awards Ceremony at 1400.

  • Competition Results
  • Drill Down
    • 10th Place – Andrea Smith, Skyview High School
    • 9th Place—Dominique McDonald, Mitchell High School
    • 8th Place—Rafael Figueroa, Skyview High School
    • 7th Place –Alan Zarate, Harrison High School
    • 6th Place –Harvey Rosas, Skyview High School
    • 5th Place –Kevin Brunnemer, Sand Creek High School
    • 4th  Place—Pearla Bracamentes, Skyview High School
    • 3rd Place –Bailey Bryant, Fountain Fort Carson High School
    • 2nd Place – Randy Keller, Harrison High School
    • 1st Place Alex Sanchez, Harrison High School
  • Armed Exhibition Solo Category
    • 4th Place—Timothy Swanson, Sand Creek High School
    • 3rd Place—Bailey Bryant, Fountain Fort Carson High School
    • 2nd Place—   Kaelan Schartung , Fountain Fort Carson High School
    • 1st Place- Devin Parsay,Mitchell HS; Lucas Polley, Fountain Ft Carson  (tie)
  • Inspection
    • 1st Place—Sand Creek High School
    • 2nd Place—Mitchell High School and John F. Kennedy (tie)
    • 3rd Place—Skyview High School
    • 4th Place –Widefield High School
  • Unarmed Regulation
    • 1st Place—John F. Kennedy High School
    • 2nd Place—Harrison High School A Team
    • 3rd Place—Harrison High School  B Team
    • 4th Place—Mitchell High School Silver Team
  • Unarmed Exhibition
    • 1st Place—Mitchell High School
    • 2nd Place—John F. Kennedy
    • 3rd Place—Skyview High School
  • Color Guard
    • 1st Place—Falcon High School Team B
    • 2nd Place—Mitchell High School Silver Team
    • 3rd Place—Falcon High School Team
    • 4th Place—Mitchell High School Blue Team
    • 5th Place –Harrison High School
  • Commander’s Trophy (Overall Championship)—William Mitchell High School


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